+Anima (プラス アニマ Purasu Anima) is an internationally published ten-volume manga series by Natsumi Mukai. The story focuses on four "+Anima" characters—humans who have metamorphic abilities, and are shunned by society as a result.

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The plot revolves around four +Anima children: Cooro, Husky, Senri, and Nana. Brought together by their +Anima powers, they search for others like themselves and a place to belong. Along the way, they encounter villains and friends alike, as well as other +Anima. Like many episodic adventure manga, there is not a big overarching story, rather the group travels from town to town, and at each stop over, they get wrapped up in local events. Examples of these adventures include Cooro helping a man fix and use a hang glider (man-lifting kite) to acquire medicine for his village, the group learning the secret of a monstrous +Anima that has been terrorizing another village, and Husky rescuing a man who has fallen in love with the legend of a mermaid. As the series progresses, we learn more about each of the four character's backstory, and more about the world.

The world takes place on a fictional island continent, split between two nations: Astaria and Sailand. Both are mostly desert countries, but Astaria has a bit more variety of environments, with some steppes and forest. Between them is the great Moss Mountain range that keeps the two nations separate; on this range live the independent Kim-un-kur tribes. The majority of the series takes place in Astaria, with a few later adventures taking place in the Moss Mountains and Sailand, before returning. While the series is in a fantasy universe, it is largely mundane, with only one major supernatural element: the titular +Anima.

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