3 + 1 = ? is the fifth chapter of Natsumi Mukai's +Anima manga.

Synopsis Edit

Cooro forages for berries and takes them back to Senri who is cooking their meal. Nana emerges from the bushes and asks them to come with her; she had knocked out a deer with her ultrasonic screech and needs someone to finish it off for her. Senri unsheathes his knife and approaches the deer, but it wakes up and kicks him in the chest before running away. Cooro offers to share their food with Nana. Senri adds spices to the meat, and everyone finds it delicious despite the unappetizing look.

Husky questions why Nana isn't with Delly in Octopus, and she explains that she had never planned to stay there; she is looking for a new place to live. With them all being +Anima, Cooro and Senri quickly accept Nana into their group, but Husky won't. Husky distrusts girls, and Cooro concedes that Nana did steal Husky's pearls. Nana apologizes and Cooro asks Husky to reconsider, but instead he chooses to leave on his own.

As the sun is setting, Husky heads east towards a river. Cooro catches up to him and asks him to come back, but he refuses because Nana is there. Husky apologizes for being unable to keep his promise to travel with Cooro, one he made in exchange for being rescued at the circus. Cooro tells him if that was the only reason they are travelling together then he can forget about the promise. Cooro flies back to tell the others.

At twilight, Nana finds Husky, and he immediately dives into the river. She refuses to accept his stubbornness and tries to lift him out of the water; she is hurrying to get back by dark. Nana hears a sound in the forest and starts to panic, Husky tries to check on her but she runs away.

Nana has a flashback of her drunken father attacking her mother. Nana tried to stop her father and ended up stabbing him. She fled into the woods and he chased her with a cleaver. When he caught up, she became a +Anima.

Nana comes to her senses, and Husky tells her to stop screaming. They hear some rustling ahead and Husky picks up a stick for a weapon, but it is only Cooro and Senri. Senri carves an arrow on a tree to mark the way back.

Back at the campfire, Nana explains how she became a +Anima. Despite her anima saving her that night, she is still scared of being in a forest at night. She asks Husky to stay, and he agrees.

Elsewhere, a man learns of Cooro being sighted at the circus.

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