Abon is the small village where Cooro and Husky first met Senri.

Plot Edit

Cooro and Husky arrive at the village looking for some clothes for Husky. Their entry is blocked by the Garrison Gang, but Husky swims up the river and Cooro flies over into the village's flower field. Senri chases them away from the field and into the village where the villagers stops Senri and serve them their local dish, Abon Weed Stir-fry.

When the Garrison Gang enter the village to dig up the field, Senri and Cooro fend them off. They return later with bombs and blow up all of the Abon Weeds. The Garrison Gang all contract the local sickness spread by the plants, and the villagers sell them the medicine at a marked up price.

Indigenous Plants Edit


Abon Weed

Abon Weed Edit

Abon village is known for the flower that grows in the adjacent field, the Abon Weed. It is a flower bearing a similar appearance to the Gold Indicator Weed. It is a hardy plant that will spread despite efforts to kill them.

The pollen of the Abon Weed is known to cause a sickness in humans that is potentially fatal. Comsuming the plant can prevent a person from contracting the sickness, and a medicine can also be made from the plant's leaves.

Cuisine Edit

Abon Weed Stir-fry

Abon Weed Stir-fry

Abon Weed Stir-fry Edit

The village's signature dish is a stir-fry made using the local plant, Abon Weed.

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