Blanca (ブランカ Buranka) is the "angelic" +Anima discovered under the Asterian National Research Facility by both Fly Greena and Aaron Newt.[1]


Blanca is an artificially created +Anima "angel". Both researchers, Fly and Aaaron, implanted several Anima into her, claiming that "if angels are closer to God than humans, then they should have every ability found on earth." They managed to remove all visible anima tattoos, in order to make her seem more like an actual angel instead of a +Anima.[1]


Upon Cooro's +Anima removal surgery and following disappearance, Fly visits Blanca, telling her that they are finally a pair and will soon be able to fly together, when suddenly he is called to meet Lord Nuoref outside. The land's king, who is with him, informs Fly that he would like to see the advances on the +Anima researches, as Blanca walks out of the cathedral from behind her caretaker. The witnesses are shocked at the sight and statement that the girl in front of them is, in fact, a real angel. In their natural doubt, they assume it has to be a kind of +Anima, despite the lack of tattoos on her body. Blanca's attention is caught by the blue sky above, as she suddenly begins to fly up into it. Fly exposes his own wings, those he received from Cooro's surgery, as a panic reaction to follow Blanca and bring her back. Looking up at her, he notices that she appears happy for the very first time, a gentle smile gracing her face. As Fly finally reaches the +Anima hybrid, he loses his wings and Blanca catches him, whereupon she dissolves in the air as they fall back to the ground together, implying that the combination of all her Animas was too unstable to last.[2]

As she flew higher and higher, she smiles, and leads Fly to his death as his artificial +anima fades, she cradles him as if to ironically represent the "messanger of death" that Cooro was commonly called throughout the series. (I'm not sure which one is better cause it can be portrayed both way.)


  • Blanca seems to sometimes send her spirit in the form of a white shadowly pair of wings, as seen by Nana when she was sleeping in the church and woke up in the middle of the night.
  • She only smiled once in all of her appearances; at her very end, when she got to fly, supposedly for the first time.[2]
  • It is suggested that her wings are the result of a Swan +Anima, although it remains unconfirmed.


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