Crystala is the aunt of Husky(sister of the king of sailand) and keeper of a +Anima group. She is very much aware that Senri has a wild +anima and she runs a caravan.


Crystala is described as a very attractive woman who buys +Anima as her slaves, some of which include: two squirrel +Anima and a cat +Anima. She treats them better than other slave masters. She once owned Senri when he was still young. She discovered him at the market place being sold very cheaply and bought him. Crystala found out that Senri had lost his memory and tried to assist him in any way she could. This was when it was discovered that Senri could cook well, due to the repetitive nature of the task.

At one point, Crystala gave Senri a book where he could take flowers from the places he visited and press them in between the pages of his book as a way to preserve his memories. She also gave him a special flower that symbolises Crystala to help him remember her.

In Astaria, When being robbed, Senri's anima went out of his control and he went wild, killing a man. The man's brother came back later on and vowed to take revenge of Senri. Through a fight, they both fell down a cliff. Crystala tried searching for Senri but found no trace of him. Crystala and everyone else assumed that he had died.

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