Delly is the leader of the Orphan Girls Gang in the town of Octopus.

Appearance Edit

Delly is a teenage girl with dark chin-length hair.

She wears a top with a breastplate over a vest, with a belt, frayed-hem short shorts, fingerless gloves and knee-high socks. She has a helmet with luminous mushrooms. She also wears matching padded forearm and knee-high protective gear.

Personality Edit

Delly is responsible and protective of her gang.

She has a strong dislike of +Anima due to feeling envious of their powers.

Plot Edit

Delly found Cooro and Husky wandering the Octopus tunnel system and saved Husky from walking into a nest of green leeches. She offers to take them back to the surface, but ends up going with them to search for Senri and Sammy. They find the two safe, and all head back to the gang's base.

When Husky suspects he gang of stealing his pearls, Delly guides him to Nana Alba who actually stole the pearls. After Cooro and Husky reveal themselves to be +Anima, Delly tries to separate Sammy from Senri, but she refuses. Delly later tries to steal the pearls for herself but they get lost in the darkness of the tunnels.

Later, Delly admits to Nana that she was envious of Nana's ability. She tells Nana to travel with the other +Anima.

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