The Garrison Gang are a group of criminals.

Plot Edit

The Garrison Gang passed by the village of Abon and mistook the a local plant for the Gold Indicator Weed. Believing the field to sit on top of a gold deposit, they tried to dig up the weeds to the dismay of the locals, and were fought off by Senri. They held Abon under siege for five days before Cooro and Husky arrived; they denied the two entry into the village. Later they attempted to fight Senri again, but Cooro assisted Senri and they were defeated. The Garrison Gang's Boss arrived and tried to cut a deal with the villagers but they refused, so the gang left.

Garrison Gang Boss

Garrison Gang's Boss

The Garrison Gang returned later with bombs and blew up the field. They all contracted a sickness from the weed. The villagers sold them the medicine at a marked up price. Having learned that the weed was not in fact the Gold Indicator Weed, the Garrison Gang left for good.
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