Hill of Fluttering Wings is the fifty-sixth and final chapter of Natsumi Mukai's +Anima manga.

Synopsis Edit

While the group of +Anima are looking for Cooro, they run into Maruka, who is looking for the crow +Anima too. When questioned about his whereabouts, she states that she does not know where he went, and that he is not supposed to move around a lot after the surgery. The group is surprised that Cooro went through the surgery himself, as he is the only one who had his Anima for the entire span of his life. As they look outside, a murder of crows can be seen flying to the same location and Maruka reveals that this place is Lilt, the town where Cooro was born. Additionally, she explains how the town is known for their relatively new ritual to have the corpses of the dead be eaten by crows, as they believe +Anima to be sacred creatures. Husky promptly realizes that this is where Cooro must have headed, receiving agreement from his friends. Although the way on foot is supposedly five hours long, they waste no time by following Cooro on a horse to the town of Lilt.

At the same time, Fly visits Blanca, telling her that they are finally a pair and will soon be able to fly together, when suddenly he is called to meet Lord Nuoref outside. The land's king, who is with him, informs Fly that he would like to see the advances on the +Anima research, as Blanca walks out of the cathedral from behind her caretaker. The witnesses are shocked at the sight and state that the girl in front of them is in fact a real angel. In their natural doubt, they assume it has to be a kind of +Anima, despite the lack of a mark on her body. Blanca's attention is caught by the blue sky above, and she suddenly begins to fly up into it. Fly exposes his own wings, those he received from Cooro's surgery, as a panic reaction to follow Blanca and bring her back, causing further shock from the people on the ground, as they believe he must be possessed by "the messenger of death".

In the same moment, when Fly finally reaches Blanca, he loses his wings and the +Anima hybrid catches him, whereupon she dissolves in the air as they fall back to the ground together, implying that the combination of all her Anima was too unstable to last.

Important EventsEdit

  • Cooro loses his +Anima due to a removal surgery, but regains his wings on the same hill he was born.
  • Blanca is exposed to the outside world for the first time and dissolves shortly after flying for the first time.
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