Husky, whose real name is Myrrha [2], is a male fish +Anima, whose emblem is located on the , is a male fish +Anima, whose emblem is located on the back-sides of his neck. His emblem is two curvy lines that look like gills, with three water drops underneath. He got the nickname "Husky" from the gravelly texture of his voice.


Anima v02parallel1p131

Husky's +Anima marking

Husky wears sapphire earrings, a black shirt and pants, a blue sleeveless vest, blue shorts, a black belt with a silver waist pouch, black boots and blue gloves.

Personality Edit

Husky is depicted as a grumpy, stubborn character who always seems to be upset over something and is easily annoyed. He often makes rude comments and is not afraid to voice his opinions. He especially dislikes, and hates to be around girls, besides Nana, whom he gradually grows fond of. In Volume 4, he gives Nana a flower necklace, the reason being she (Nana) never wore real jewellery showing that he may be getting over his hatred of girls or possibly that he has feelings for Nana.


He is originally the prince of Sailand, where his mother is the 12th wife of the king. He was captured and marketed as the "Mermaid Princess" by a greedy circus ringer. It was here where Husky met Cooro, who was captured later and then helped them escape. Husky gained his +Anima by nearly being drowned by a queen who was jealous of his and his mom for being the favourite of the king. He has a staff which he stole from the Beehive Manor in Volume 2. Husky uses this staff to whack Cooro whenever he does something stupid, and the staff is jokingly referred to as 'the Cooro punishment stick'. A running gag throughout the series is the fact that characters mistake Husky for a girl, which is a cause for annoyance. He is also very skilled at combating with his staff, which he learned from Lady Crystala, who is the twin sister of the King of Sailand and his aunt. The reason Husky hates girls is because back at his old home, all the girls were talking behind each others back, backstabbing, and were just plain annoying.


Husky has a waist-pouch which keeps his wallet and hand towels inside. His sapphire earrings, which are very important to him, are also one of his items, and then there is his staff, also known as the Cooro punishment stick.



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