The Kim-un-kur are a hostile tribe living in the far Astarian mountains. Most of Astaria are afraid of them, but really they are a peacful people. Senri is a Kim-un-kur, but was taken away from them at a young age and sold into slavery by the Sailand people. The Kim-un-kur are similar to the Native Americans of our world, such as their tribal values, clothing and democracy. A typical Kim-un-kur tribe has an elected chief, usually an +Anima, and all Kim-un-kur wear wild clothing, like animal pelts and feathers. Some people think that all +Anima are descended from the Kim-un-kur, because the Kim-un-kur were the first +Anima. Most +Anima from the Kim-un-kur are bear +Anima. The Kim-un-kur are on dangerous terms with the Astarian governement, and once a massive battle took place. After the battle a peace treaty was made between the Astarians and the Kim-un-kur, but relationships are still unneasy. Currently the Astarian Military is plotting to build a military base on Kim-un-kur land to combat Sailand, but the Kim-un-kur are reluctant to lend their land to the Astarians.
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