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Lady Beena is the ruler of Beena Village.

Appearance Edit

Lady Beena is a slender woman who dresses in honeycomb and striped patterns representing the bees that her village depends on.

Personality Edit

She is a caring mother, but also quickly jumps to conclusions, as shown by her caring for what she believed was her son turned into a monster, despite having no evidence that it was in fact her son.

Plot Edit

Lady Beena checks on the commotion being caused by her house staff, and is shown a giant bee lying in her son, Gil's bed. She has the creature locked away for everyone's safety, but still cares for it.

When Cooro delivers her some honey, she leaves him unattended to get his payment. She finds Husky, Nana and Senri wandering her manor and locks them in a room before returning to find Cooro gone. She finds the bee loose and attacking Milt and the +Anima. Nana's ultrasonic screech knocks her out, and she later wakes up in Gil's arms; she finds it hard to believe the bee was not actually Gil.

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