Magdala is the daughter of Maggie, the leader of Maggie Vil. She is a slightly spoiled, but at first friendless, so she took in girls to be her friends as long as they were pretty. If they tried to run away she would get mad and command some guards to punish them.

Magdala took a big interest in Nana, and invited her to her room. She put a dress on her and offered her to some candy and to meet her other friends. Nana asks the girls there why they stay with her so often, and they say its because if they leave her, something horrible will happen to them.

Magdala wears expensive clothes and makeup, and is also used to getting her way because she is the daughter of the leader of Maggie Vil.


Magdala introducing herself

When she saw Husky and Cooro enter the Coliseum, she watched Husky win and Cooro get disqualified, but said that she wanted them both to be her bodyguards. When they refused, she opened a trap door and they fell into a prison, where they saw Shinon, a boy who wanted to go back to his own home.

She also saw Senri running to protect Pinion, but he was hit by a researcher, and when Nana used her supersonic screech to help. She got mad when she saw Shinon turn into a goose +Anima, but Cooro explained to her that he became one because of all the trouble she put for him, and asks if she'd like to be one too.

Magdala finally makes up her mind and tells the researchers to stop trying to chase Pinion, and says that one day, when she becomes Maggie, she will travel to the outside world, just to see it.

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