Margaret is a seamtress who used to be a +Anima.

History Edit

While being hunted by Astarian soldiers, Margaret was rescued by Harden. She decided to live with him, and soon lost her Anima.

Plot Edit

Margaret overhears Cooro and Nana struggling to find work, and she offers them a job. They head back to Margaret's home to find the Senri fighting the Astarian military outside. After Harden stops the fighting, Margaret heads inside with the children.

Margaret cooks dinner and informs Harden of her hiring of the children. When they are done eating, she explains to Cooro, Husky and Nana their job, and she leaves them to work.

When Harden is finishing reforging the Astarian military's swords, Margaret talks to Harden about why she lost her Anima. She no longer needed it for protection because she had Harden.

She sees the children off as they leave the next day.

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