Milt is the servant of Gil Beena.

Plot Edit

Milt is entrusted with an egg by Gil who leaves to find some Astarian researchers. When the egg hatches into a bee and Lady Beena assumes it is her son turned monstrous +Anima, Milt keeps his distance.

He stumbles into Husky, Nana and Senri in the forest surrounding Beehive Manor, and runs away. The +Anima chase him, but Milt is able to escape using his knowledge of the landscape. He walks into them again inside Beehive Manor; Husky is suspicious and aggressive towards him, but they are distracted by the bee chasing Cooro. Lady Beena finds them and she mistakenly scolds Milt for abandoning his duties toward Gil. Nana's ultrasonic screech knocks him out.

When Gil returns to the manor, Milt fully explains the situation to him and Lady Beena, clearing up the misunderstandings.

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