Nana Alba is a young girl who possesses a bat +Anima, which she received when her father chased her with a knife in the forest, threatening to kill her, and she needed guidance to see in the dark.


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Nana's +Anima marking

Nana is a bat +Anima whose emblem, which appears to be two bat wings, is located on her back. She wears dresses or anything that looks cutesy, which is accompanied by her green eyes and wheat-coloured hair. Her +Anima powers allow her to shout with a supersonic screech causing unconsciousness, or to stun someone, to fly with her bat wings, and to have enhanced hearing with her bat ears. The creator, Natsumi Mukai, stated that she gave Nana many outfits because she enjoys drawing girl's clothing.


Nana is constantly trying to understand her fellow travellers and often worries about their past, somewhat like a busybody. At times, she clashes with Husky, sometimes questions Cooro, and seemingly gets along well with and even takes a bit of interest in Senri. It is questionable that she likes Husky throughout the series, due to the fact that she's constantly confronting him about certain subjects and seemingly grows fond of him the more she learns about him. Sometimes Nana is a bit ashamed of her powers as a bat +Anima, but she uses them when necessary, or for the sake of saving her partners.


Cooro, Husky, and Senri met Nana in the city of Octopus, where she was hiding from a group of orphaned girls. She used her supersonic ability on Husky, knocking him out and stealing his hair pearls from the circus. Husky and the leader of the orphans fought to get them back, but ended up dropping them and losing them forever. Nana then left Octopus to join Cooro on his quest, which Husky denied her entry at first, but after Nana tells the crew about how she became a bat +anima, and a couple of events beforehand, Husky allows himself to accept her into their group. Nana gained her +Anima when her father, in a drunken rage, chased her through the forest with a hatchet, leaving her with a fear of forests at night. She loves clothes and stops at every shop in every city the group stops at to buy more. Husky didn't like her at all when the series started, but towards the end, he was able to tolerate her, and fans speculate that there was a love connection between the two.

Tools and ItemsEdit

Some of Nana's items include her hat, and then she has the necklace Husky and Senri made for her which she wears around her neck. In her shoulder bag, she has a sewing kit complete with scissors, needles and thread, and also her wallet and the rose corsage she got from Rose in Volume 2.



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