Penny riding Lopie on her head

Penelope "Penny" Giesrieg is the daughter of the family which governs the town of Sandra.

She is only shown one time stealing Arthur Giesrieg's (her fiancee) teddy bear Lopie. While she was running away, Senri noticed the teddy bear she was riding on her head, and then saw she was being chased by guards. He saved her, but was mistakened for kidnapping her by the guards and Arthur.

Senri asks her once they are safe who the bear's father is, and Penny says Lopie doesn't have one. She also looks at the beads in his hair and tries to take of his eye patch so she can see his face, but he doesn't let her, remembering the time when Crystala told him as a young boy to never take off the eye patch to keep himself safe.

When they escape to a bridge by a river, Senri tries to hug her, but Arthur suddenly appears, and thinks he's going to hurt her. Penny tries to stop him, but she instead drops Lopie in the river and dives in to save him. Arthur saves her from drowning, but she's too busy searching for Lopie and then sees that Senri had dove in, saved him, and was riding him on his head out of the water. Senri gives Lopie back to Penny, who thanks him gratefully, but Arthur, still thinking he's a kidnapper, defends Penny, saying that she is the daughter of the family that runs Sandra and his fiancee. Penny defends Senri, saying he was only trying to save her from the guards chasing her, and also adds that she stole Lopie because she wanted to play with him and spend time with him. Because of what she says, Arthur slips an engagement ring on her finger, saying he knew that while he was away, she would grow up to be a fine lady one day. Penny thanks Senri by hugging him and putting a flower in his hair, which he puts in his memento book.

After the chapter, it is shown that Penny put a black eye patch and flower on Lopie, as if in remembrance of him or just playing for fun.

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