The Ringmaster was in charge of the circus where Cooro first met Husky.

Personality Edit

The Ringmaster is manipulative; he uses whatever means he can to control people. including withholding one of Husky's most prized possessions.

History Edit

A man brought Husky to the Ringmaster, hoping to sell him. The Ringmaster refused at first, but changed his mind when he saw that Husky is a +Anima. As part of this transaction he took possession of Husky's locket.

Plot Edit

The Ringmaster hosts a performance at his circus. He notices Cooro watching without paying, and has one of his employees capture him. When Cooro tries to escape, he follows and finds Cooro captured again by Husky.

He plans to make Cooro a part of the circus, but when Husky is reluctant and threatens to leave, he presents Husky's locket, using it a leverage to keep Husky there. He suspects that Husky will attempt to steal the locket back, so has two employees hide and wait in his room; when Husky shows up, they capture him.

The next day he has Husky tied up and put in a water tank. He has Cooro participate in the day's performance and tells him that Husky's restraints are a part of the act. The locket is stolen from him by Cooro during their escape, and the circus tent falls on him. He chases, but gives up once Cooro flies Husky away.

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