+Anima working in Sairando

Sailand, also known as Sairando, is one of the two countries in which the story takes place in.

In Sailand, +Anima are treated differently than that in Astaria: instead of being hunted down because of hatred towards them, they are hunted to be sold as slaves due to their unique powers and various capabilities. But they can work normally without worries.

+Anima and Kim-un-kur must be someone's property. +Anima and Kim-un-kur without a master are arrested, and sold in the slaves market. 

This causes much instability throughout the land and results in constant rebelling from the +Anima.


The king of Sailand has more than one wife with whom he has had several sons with. It is custom for the eldest son to become ruler when the previous king dies, however, jealousy among the queens make unnecessary complications in this procedure.

Ex: When Myrrha became crowned prince, Lady Dylana tried to drown him, so that her own son could take his place.

The Pyramid of Sairando

The citizens there are catergoried from their status and power. The top of the pyramid is of course, the king. Next is the Aristocrats, followed by the Millitary. Then comes the commoners. Lastly is the enslaved +Anima and Kimunkles.

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