Senri the oldest and quietest member of the group. He is a bear +Anima and can transform his right arm into a bear's paw. He commonly carries around a book of pressed flowers inside which help him with his memory, since he has forgotten many things from his childhood, and never wants to forget again.



This is Senri and his +Anima mark is to the right

Senri wears a black sash as an eyepatch. Other than this, his features easily identify his as a member of the Kim-un-kur clan. He has gray hair with turquoise beads in it and gray eyes. He wears Kim-un-kur clothing, which consists of pants, a long sleeved shirt, and a poncho. He also has a belt with a machete on it, silver earrings, and a leather waist pouch that has his smaller knife, salt, and flint.


Young Senri lived in the mountains in west Astaria with his fellow Kim-un-kur (in the Tooa Tribe). However, unlike the majority of the country, his clan didn't fear +Anima. In fact, they were honoured and in most cases became chiefs. Senri was on his first hunting trip with his father when he encountered an infamous bear called Amurui that the Kim-un-kur feared and hated. The bear attacked Senri and scratched his left eye (it is later shown to be intact). Senri's father used his bear Anima to protect Senri, but ended up having to use +Anima Metamorphosis, a feral Anima state in which the human consciousness is interrupted by animal instinct. After killing Amurui, Senri's father lost control of his power and attacked Senri, who then gained his own bear Anima. Senri ended up killing his father and absorbed Amurui's power.

Eventually, he was sold in a market in Sairando for a cheap price of 490 Gillah. This was unusual, because most +Anima didn't sell for less than 1000 Gillah. No one was buying him because he appeared weak and out of focus. However, a woman, Crystala, who was buying slaves there bought him anyways.

Crystala turned out to be an +Anima sympathizer, meaning she bought slaves to free them from owners who abused them. Due to this, her "slaves" considered "Lady Crystala" a saviour.


Young Senri

However, Crystala found out quickly that Senri had a very serious problem: his memories were shattered and his ability to retain information was damaged due to the trauma of his father's attack. But Crystala persisted in helping Senri. She found out that Senri could remember how to do things that are familiar to him. Though he still didn't remember any of it, his body could do these things naturally nonetheless.

Because of his problem, Crystala gave Senri a book that was written in a foreign language. Lady Crystala instructed Senri to keep a memento (such as pressing a flower) in the book when he needed to remember something. Crystala also gave him a "crystal flower" to put in the book to remember her by. Throughout the story, Senri uses the memento book and becomes quite distraught if anything happens to it, showing that he truly holds it dear to him.

With the GroupEdit

Senri was met when he was guarding the village of Abon from the Garrison Gang. After Cooro and Husky save the town along with their famous plants, Senri joins the group.

He rarely speaks and uses his bear anima often like Cooro. Rose had a liking to him because he was like her little brother Pinion; both were of few words. He also is protective of Cooro, Husky, and Nana and will defend them at anytime.

He protected Pinion in Maggie Vil from two researchers, but once they got to the stadium he was hit in the head, but Rose ran in to save Pinion.

He also defended Penny in Sandra and helped her get away from the guards. He asked who Lopie's father was, but Penny said that Lopie (who is a teddy bear), didn't have a father. She even tried to remove his eye patch, but Senri wouldn't let her. He also tries to hug Penny, but Arthur, Penny's fiancée, stops him. Senri also saves Lopie from getting wet in the river and returns him to Penny. Penny puts a flower in his hair as thanks. It also shows after the chapter Penny dressing up Lopie with a black eye patch and a flower, making it look like Senri.


  • He wears an eye-patch over his left eye, which prevents him from completely transforming into a bear and lose control, attacking anyone he sees.[citation needed]
  • He is fifteen years old (342-327=15) but is often assumed to be older.[citation needed]


Senri has a leather waist pouch with a small knife, flint, salt, and his memento book inside. He also has a woodman's hatchet used for his everyday life, and his turquoise hair beads also count as his items.



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